How much space did we gain? What materials did we use? What plantings did we choose? What was the cost of this DIY? All your questions will be answered here in this blog post! As many of you know, we decided to tackle expanding our deck this summer! It was a labor of love, for sure, but one that, in the end, we knew would be worth it!

Our first, and really only, obstacle was the large well that was original to the house. Though it was neat looking, after 16 years here, we decided that was not enough to keep us from moving it any longer! It caused our deck to make a sharp angle and cut into a lot of usable space. For a long time I fought taking it down because of its history to our house, but in the end, function won! We added about 80 sq ft of deck space.

The well and the “before” of the deck

 The uprooting of the well

What was left

 Progress shot

 Landscaping before

 Landscaping before

What was the cost…We spent about $150 on cement footings and the cement, cement mixer and concrete forming tubes. The frame lumbar was pressure treated from Home Depot and cost about $300. The decking boards were pressure treated 5/4′ premium decking boards from a local lumbar yard and we spent $250 on those. The Railing were Home Depot pre-built railings, hand rail, and square cap. We needed three and each was $60 so $180 on that. The skirting was 1x6x12 boards and cost about $100. We paid to have the entire floor and the NEW railings and skirting painted for $350. To landscape the entire side of the house and porch/deck was $375 for 5 hydrangeas, 6 boxwood plants and 2 sedum plants as well as mulch from home depot.

 Landscaping after

Full after shot

So for a lot of elbow grease and about $1700 we gained a terrific amount of usable space and squared off the deck to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. We couldn’t’t be happier and feel like we should have done this much sooner!!!