Well, here I am, FINALLY writing this blog post I have been talking about for the last few days! You voted and the winner was seasonal/holiday decorations! When a new season approaches, I think about the colors I associate with that season. For spring, those colors are soft, pale pinks, greens and yellows. Honestly all pastel colors, but I narrowed it down to those three. I then think about spaces that I want to sprinkle in some fresh seasonal decor. In my house, those areas are pretty much any tabletop (haha – just kidding, maybe)! In all seriousness, the areas I usually focus on are: my kitchen, the shelf on the hood above the stovetop, the areas to the left and right of the stovetop, the island and the dining tabletop. In the living room, it’s usually the mantle, although this year it was spring-y enough! In the family room, the console table and the piano and the mudroom kind of in general! Also, the back porch always gets some love, the front porch, not quite yet and all doors inside and out as well. If anything is leftover, I sprinkle some fun in the bathroom too!

So, what do I use to spruce things up? Given that spring coincides with Easter, I always gather up some bunnies, eggs, trees and wreaths from my favorite stores such as Homegoods, TJMaxx, Marshall’s, Pier 1, Target and Hobby Lobby. The first 4 stores are BY FAR my absolute go to’s for holiday decor, while I use items from the others to fill in! Wreaths and florals are another way and we CANNOT forget about my all time favorite – GARLAND!!! If I could hang garland in every room, I would! I try to keep my holiday decorations fairly muted – no super bright, harsh colors and even though we are talking about bunnies, I try to keep it classy and somewhat sophisticated to match with my other decor, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I planned my kitchen decor around a wreath I got at Pier 1 this year that I can’t find online. I played off of its many colors! I love keeping my scale from Decor Steals out all year long and putting some green boxwood wreaths like these under whatever decoration is appropriate.

For my back porch, I got this and these to fill it and put out some simple eggs like these these and these on my antique chair. I got a doormat similar to this and am going to layer it over this that I just ordered. My front porch has this doormat layered over this rug.

My favorite place for florals are amazon for these incredibly real tulips, Michael’s for flowers and Hobby Lobby for greenery like this. This greenery is my absolute favorite, I have it all over, not just during spring or holidays. Its soft, feminine and a little more delicate than a lot of other greens out there.

Decorating for the holidays should be fun. It should be fairly easy and not too involved. I hope I have provided you with some ideas for how to spruce up your home!